The Ministry of Stephen & Kim Hoell

The Righteous will flourish like the palm tree… Psalm 92:12

Ministering through…

Thank you for visiting our online home! On March 2012, God called a couple to full-time ministry. Stephen & Kim Hoell followed God into ministry and immediately they felt the impact of God’s endorsement upon their act of obedience through souls being saved, lives being changed, and provision for every need in the operation of the ministry. Palm Tree Ministry launched with Psalms 92:12 as its Landmark Scripture which promises that the righteous…that’s you…will flourish like the Palm Tree. Stephen & Kim have a unique calling and gift of God to bridge the gap of separation between “that which was” and “that which is” in the full-gospel movement. God uses Stephen mightily to preach an “on-time” message with the “old time” anointing. Kim’s voice is dynamic and anointed and she is loved by everyone she meets. Together, with blended voices they come with a song that will change lives and stir the souls of those who hear their music. Palm Tree Ministry has no social, gender, racial, or generational barriers. All who come are blessed, and this ministry becomes “bread to the eater and seed to the sower.”

We are on a mission to usher as many souls as possible into the Kingdom through ministry, products, prayer, and the Internet. By using the technology of today to fulfill the great commission, we develop a relationship with countless people in order to reach as many hearts and lives as we can. This is just the beginning! We believe the best is yet to come and I appreciate everything you are doing through your prayers and support to help us reach the world for the glory of Jesus Christ!

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